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Create a Survivor or Loser Pool starting with week 3, week 4 or week 5

Optional Upgrade Features / Pricing

Pools are free.

Upgrade options available, but not required.

Upgrade pricing is below.

Free Pools

  • Scores calculated nightly
  • Banner Ads
  • Free means Free; No Fees
  • Unlimited Players
Free pools are ad supported

Optional Upgrade Pools

  • Scores calculated within 30 minutes of game end
  • Limited Banner Ads
  • Upgrade pricing applies details below
Optional Upgrade: Limited ads; immediate score updates

Private Label Pools

Your Color Scheme on Site



Upgrade Pool Pricing For Upgraded Pools and Private Label Pools

Upgrade Pricing for Womens World Cup 2015 Pickem Pick Winner for each game before each game starts
The prices shown are good for the entire pool duration.

TitlePrice for first X playersPrice per player after the first XDescription
Pricing is not in the system, yet   


SN: h2-mdmgames