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Create a Survivor or Loser Pool starting with week 3, week 4 or week 5

Optional Upgrade Features / Pricing

Pools are free.

Upgrade options available, but not required.

Upgrade pricing is below.

Free Pools

  • Scores calculated nightly
  • Banner Ads
  • Free means Free; No Fees
  • Unlimited Players
Free pools are ad supported

Optional Upgrade Pools

  • Scores calculated within 30 minutes of game end
  • Limited Banner Ads
  • Upgrade pricing applies details below
Optional Upgrade: Limited ads; immediate score updates

Private Label Pools

Your Color Scheme on Site



Upgrade Pool Pricing For Upgraded Pools and Private Label Pools

Upgrade Pricing for Womens World Cup 2015 Stage 2 Bracket before Stage 2 begins
The prices shown are good for the entire pool duration.

TitlePrice for first X playersPrice per player after the first XDescription
Pricing is not in the system, yet   


SN: h2-mdmgames